This is not a typical senior portrait but then Johanna didn't want the usual look. I think we captured what we were looking for.

Fall Portraits

A great fall day at Spotlight Photography. Don't really have time to post anything on social media but I did manage these 3 different customers pics.

Michael & mallory

I have photographed Michael and Mallory since they were babies, their mom, Andrea and grandmother, Linda McKinney Carbone both worked at Spotlight some time ago. The first photo is something I just felt like doing. I doubt the concept is new but it was interesting anyway. These are two great looking kids and I think this really shows off Mallory's gorgeous features.

Fair Everly Boutique

George Zimmer of Men's Warehouse, Dave Thomas of Wendy's, Martha Stewart of...well, Martha Stewart. There are numerous companies that have used the face of the founder to sell their products and services, plus it saves money when you're not shelling out big buckaroos to Taylor Swift or Lebron James. So it has come to this, Jodi Shannahan is the model and face of Fair Everly Boutique. She has style, grace, she's mature and sophisticated and she's darn good looking too, a perfect combination that goes well with her boutique. I have been so busy with seniors, families and commercial work so I haven't posted much on social media. But this is a great way to showcase more of Spotlight's work. And

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