Joy Katherine Louise Bussell

Many years ago I photographed a young lady's senior photos. Many years later I was photographing her sons senior photos and many years later I photographed his first child. So it's only fitting that I now photograph his second child and Joy turns 1 tomorrow. If I ever photograph Joy's senior photos I'll probably be using a walker lol.

The Wilson Family and my Favorite Breed of Dog

I photograph a lot of families...and I mean A LOT of families. I've always loved it, it's one of the reasons I continue to photograph families of children stricken with cancer while providing them with the images at no charge. And I love pets too, especially German Shepherds. I've had the breed since the early 60's and I have one now named Barrett. So no doubt I really really enjoyed this session. Max is a very good looking dog and extremely well behaved. The German Shepherd will always be my first choice when it comes to dogs.

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