The Wedding I was NOT Hired to Photograph

This past Saturday my friend Deanna Thibodeau Mote and I attended the wedding of a coworker of hers and it was held at their farm in Middletown, Indiana. As usual I took my camera because I am rarely without it. I asked the bride if I could take a few pics but I didn't want to overstep my bounds since they had a photographer there already. The bride explained that they didn't really hire a photographer but had a friend of a friend that was a photography student that happened to own a camera and to come and take photos. Jody (the bride) asked if I wanted to use the 'photographers' camera, I explained that I had a camera with me and I pulled out my Canon 5D Mark IV and a 70-200mm F2.8 IS lens.

A Real Cutie Patootie

I have photographed this family before but the last time I took pics of Madeleine she was about 4 month old. She had so much fun running on Spotlight's 2+ acres, kinda hard to keep up with her. And by the way, her friend is not a brontosaurus, he's a brachiosaurus dinosaur. She'll be quick to tell you because of the 'bump' on the top of his head.


Children stricken with cancer and smiles don't necessarily go together, they do when Flashes of Hope is involved. Thanks to a great team with Katie Arthur, Laura Kimmerling Wagoner, Cynthia Rauch and Alicia from Tyler-Mason Salon & Spa, we had a beautiful day full of smiles. Tylers meds were kicking into high gear when we showed up at Riley Hospital for Children, he was NOT in any mood to smile, but thanks to a Hope Chest full of goodies, awesome and compassionate volunteers and my 41+ years of making kids laugh, he had a great day. The families will receive enlargements, proofs and an online gallery all at no charge to them. We also raise money for pediatric cancer research. We don't ask fo

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