The Right Stuff

Heading off to another wedding tomorrow and it sure helps to have the right equipment. While I don't take everything shown in the photo, I take more than the average photographer. One Canon video camcorder, Canon EOS Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV DSLR's, 1-EOS 1Dx, Canon's new EOS R mirrorless camera, 1-15mm fisheye, 1-16-35mm superwide angle lens, 2-24-70mm, 2-24-105mm, 2-70-200mm, 1-85mm F1.2, 1-300mm, 1-500mm, half a dozen 600RT speed lights, 1-480 speed light, 1-Sekonic digital light meter, 1-DJI Mavic Pro Drone, 1-DJI gimbal stabilizer, 1-Rode microphone, a variety of tripods and so much more. I am prepared for everything and anything.

Kind Words....

★★★★★ First off let me start by saying my 3 year old has Autism. Mark was absolutely AMAZING with her and got her to cooperate so well for our photos. Since we walked through the door at Spotlight Photography Mark gave us a one of a kind experience. I can truly say he went above and beyond any expectations that I might have had. From the studio and the many backdrop options throughout the property, to the welcoming feeling of being at home and comfortable Spotlight easily blows any portrait studio away. The atmosphere is laid back and fun, the service and professionalism was super, and the overall experience blew me away. By the end of the session my girls were right along side of Mark in

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