Winter Pics

A couple of days before the stay at home order I had a couple of great brothers who could not have been more fun. We even managed to go out in the snow.

Good News, Great Cause.

A bit of good news from WTHR Channel 13 during this uncharted time. Spotlight Photography's 10th annual cancer event to benefit Flashes of Hope. It was hugely successful and everyone stayed healthy. Luckily we held it shortly before social distancing was encouraged.

These Boots Were Made for Stomping

While I would love to go out and stomp all over this virus that has effected so many people, I continue to photograph folks. Just the other day Ted was here for his business portrait for a large bank we do work for, a couple of brothers, 10 and 2, who did a great job, had a ton of fun and of course we took them outside and got some snow pics, and yesterday Jennifer was here from Avon High School for her senior portraits. I usually don't have someone remove their shoes, or in this case boots, for a photograph but this seemed like kind of a cool shot in my barn. They certainly look cool enough to stomp on some little virus.

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