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Such an Honor

I rarely post pics of myself because when I do I lose 6 Facebook friends and receive half a dozen restraining orders. When one is self employed there is virtually no recognition although I am proud to say I am awarded 'Employee of the Week' every week. However, last week I had a visit from the Indiana Fever of the WNBA including the President, players and media team. They awarded me the 'Anthem Assists Award' for my work with pediatric cancer patients as part of my Indianapolis charity, Flashes of Hope. They will be inviting me, along with my family, to a future game with a halftime presentation. As we discussed this we decided we would try to include some of the kids from Peyton Manning Children's Hospital along with their families. I also want to thank the wonderful volunteers and of course our partnership with Tyler-Mason Salon & Spa (Elizabeth Wilson Faletic). I am so thankful.


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