A Sad Time and Hope for the Future

This is certainly an uncertain time for everyone and I am so thankful for a close family, a wide circle of great friends and wonderful clients. This has been an especially difficult time for me as I lost my mom and my life long best friend at the same time. In an unusually cruel twist, my mom's funeral and my best friends viewing were at the same time. Mom was still very active and about to turn 88 in May and was not ill nor in declining health, her heart just stopped. Luckily I had just visited her with my children. We had pizza on the outdoor patio, laughed, drank a little wine and made sure to do some chores around her house. We said our "goodbye's" and "I love you's" and that was that. M

Covid, My Best Friend and Porch Portraits.

It is certainly a strange time we are all experiencing, I don't need to go into detail here. The virus really hit home when my best friend of 50 years came down with COVID-19. It started March 14th and while we see each other often, we hadn't been together since early February. His situation was beyond critical and he came very close to not making it. As of today he is stable but not out of the woods and I'm sure he will have a long road to recovery. Once all this passes I will make sure I am there for anything he needs. I am extremely thankful my family is healthy including my 2 children and my 87 year old mom. My charity, Flashes of Hope, is about photographing children stricken with cance

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