Sonia & Brad

For Spotlight Photography it's always an honor to photograph special events for your clients and thats especially true when it come to weddings, but it's extra special when they're your friends. It was a beautiful afternoon with a beautiful bride, a handsome groom and a ton of friends with a lot of energy who partied well past midnight. Photographing at the Second Presbyterian Church, the church I grew up in was wonderful, it brought back so many memories of playing in the halls and looking for secret passageways. Meridian Hills Country Club is the perfect place to hold a reception. For me there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding a beautiful backdrop for your photos. I'm tire


When you think of a portrait photographers job you might conjure up images of weddings, senior portraits, family photos and so on. One of the groups you don't see that often getting their portraits taken are friends. Sure, friends are always having their photos taken together but actually going to a studio is pretty rare. This was a case of good friends and some of them were moving on to bigger and better things and that includes moving away. So they decided to come in and have a session done. Thing is we wanted to try something a bit different than your average group pose. We certainly had an awesome time and these pics came out great.

Vacations over

My vacation is over and it's great to get back into the studio. The wonderful thing about photography is that I do it for a living and when I go away all I do is take pictures. It was a fantastic time in the Maine/Canadian wilderness.

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