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The Wedding I was NOT Hired to Photograph

This past Saturday my friend Deanna Thibodeau Mote and I attended the wedding of a coworker of hers and it was held at their farm in Middletown, Indiana. As usual I took my camera because I am rarely without it. I asked the bride if I could take a few pics but I didn't want to overstep my bounds since they had a photographer there already. The bride explained that they didn't really hire a photographer but had a friend of a friend that was a photography student that happened to own a camera and to come and take photos. Jody (the bride) asked if I wanted to use the 'photographers' camera, I explained that I had a camera with me and I pulled out my Canon 5D Mark IV and a 70-200mm F2.8 IS lens. Jody and her husband Todd were quite stunned by what they saw on the back of my cameras screen. Everyone thought she had hired a professional. I have a saying "I'm always thinking about taking pictures and I take pictures without thinking". It was such an odd feeling, I hated sitting on the sidelines (or in this case the guest gallery) and not utilize the beautiful light on such a beautiful bride. I could have gone way overboard but as it was, she was happy with everything I did. It is extremely hard for me not to be behind a camera, when I am I know it's where I belong.

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