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The Right Stuff

Heading off to another wedding tomorrow and it sure helps to have the right equipment. While I don't take everything shown in the photo, I take more than the average photographer. One Canon video camcorder, Canon EOS Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV DSLR's, 1-EOS 1Dx, Canon's new EOS R mirrorless camera, 1-15mm fisheye, 1-16-35mm superwide angle lens, 2-24-70mm, 2-24-105mm, 2-70-200mm, 1-85mm F1.2, 1-300mm, 1-500mm, half a dozen 600RT speed lights, 1-480 speed light, 1-Sekonic digital light meter, 1-DJI Mavic Pro Drone, 1-DJI gimbal stabilizer, 1-Rode microphone, a variety of tripods and so much more. I am prepared for everything and anything.

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