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Little River

I have photographed children for over 45 years, I started back in September of 1977. I have never gotten tired of kids, never lost my patience and seeing a child's smile never gets old. Little River (yes, my German shepherd's name is Little River) got to the studio and was a bit tired, the yawning and crying kind of gave it away. Her wonderful parents tried to comfort her but I politely said "don't talk to her". She's used to her folks and hears their voice all the time but not mine. We took her outside and I did my thing. Wanna know what it is? Ask any 2 year old I've photographed. I did what I do and it always works, especially if the parents don't talk. I kept her in front of my camera for an hour and a half and even though she was pretty much done, tears, yawning and red eyes, I did another of 'my things' and she still kept laughing. Little River absolutely made my day.


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